Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is an artist/sculptor who is passionate about stone.

While at university in Bristol studying ceramics and sculpture Sarah Moore spent a few months in Italy learning to carve marble. She fell in love with stone and was determined to learn more about it, so after her degree BA (Hons) she went to Weymouth College to study architectural carving, masonry and letter cutting.

More recently she took a course at Poole College in hot glass techniques.

Materials hold a fascination for Moore, and although her materials of choice are generally stone clay or glass she will experiment with all sorts of materials to make her sculptures. The human form is the basis for much of her work both figurative and abstract.

Sarah enjoys collaborative work and has worked with fellow artist Jan Roe on several public art projects, the first one being a commission for Millfield School Sculpture Park in Somerset.
Sarah is a PT lecturer in Ceramics at Poole College, and also teaches painting, stone carving and wood carving. She runs occasional workshops in a various subjects, such as junk sculpture, wire and driftwood sculpture and mosaics. She teaches regularly on painting and stone carving holidays in Italy. (
“Commissions are always a challenge but in a good way as often it steers you in a direction that you would not otherwise have taken and can lead into all sorts of interesting places” says Sarah