Laurence Belbin

Professional full time painter since 1989
Began selling work through galleries 1974 aged 16
Mainly plein air painting and drawing.

MY METHOD OF WORKING a brief insight.

I have an urge to paint/draw a particular place, subject or idea.
I then visit the location, have a look around and choose my spot to set up.
Sometimes I draw in my sketch pad whilst looking for my place to work.
I prefer to respond to my first impressions and paint straight away.
Anything small, up to 16”x16” or so I will usually complete at the time (not always), things sometimes need adjusting in the studio. Anything bigger I start outside and get down as much as I can, light quality and direction, atmosphere, weather and colour. When I’m done, I have all I need to complete the painting in the studio.
I find that if I draw first and then paint the subject, my first response has changed.
If I want to develop an idea then I will revisit the location time and again drawing and painting, gathering information.
My studio work is done from small on the spot paintings and or drawings. Here I can manipulate the composition and colours to my hearts content.
I am not being led by reality or trying to capture a place or moment in time.
It is more a case of arranging the elements to achieve the effect I want without any outside influence or distractions that comes with plein air painting.