Judith Warbey

Judith was fortunate to grow up with Walter Tyndale’s (her great grandfather) descriptive travel books and watercolour paintings – leaving her with an innate love of the observed line.  Drawing and printing are her main output with a developing interest in making artists books, objects which are in the hands of the observer and within their control, so creating slightly different problems from presenting framed work.  Judith finds the “happy accidents” that occur during the printing process fascinating and can lead her in unexpected directions.

At present, Judith is concentrating on portraying the Hampshire Avon, and will explore it from Pewsey, where it rises, down to Christchurch where it flows into the harbour at Mudeford.  She hopes to utilise her historical and geographical research on the Avon to develop drawings, prints, maps and books.  A project to keep her busy for several years!

Judith has exhibited in Perth, Australia, and local exhibitions including Hampshire Open Studios.