Heather Gibbons

Moving the paint about, enjoying the sensations of colour and exploring the possibilities of textural qualities provided through the medium….the way the paint mixes and blends as the work evolves.

Working with oils has provided me with fresh opportunities, with a certain freedom to “use” the paint as I want – making changes, taking visual risks as the work develops.  The landshapes and coastline of  Purbeck  are my inspiration through the diverse unpredictable moods of weather and the changing seasons which evoke different colours, textures, pattern and atmosphere.

From the initial drawings, made from my surroundings, I will often “re-invent” the landscape, taking certain shapes from memory to fuse together with aspects of “reality”…this to me is part of the journey of discovery.

Each day brings a fresh situation to be experienced, reflected upon and explored through colour, shape, line and texture.

“It is not the goal which is of interest, but the means with which we achieve it”.  Georges Braque.