Dick Hewitson

Dick first painted in the 1960s.  He taught Biology in schools for 37 years, and has lived in Dorset since 1970. His experience of studying the ecology of many Dorset habitats and of teaching biological fieldwork there may well have influenced his artwork.

He started painting seriously in 2011.  Most of his current work is done in his studio, and he paints on a regular basis. Studio drawing is often used when thinking about a new work. His work often arises from interpretation of landscape, ranging from contemporary figurative to more abstract. He paints mainly in oils and initial research in the field can involve quite rapid sketches using various media, singly or together, including charcoal. 

Dick has for several years included works about Dorset WW2 coastal defences in his output, but it’s as much about the ongoing dialogue with the developing painted surface as about the ‘subject’.

He exhibits widely, recent Open exhibitions including RA (London) Summer Exhibition, RWA (Bristol) Annual Open, Bath Society of Artists Open exhibition, Black Swan Arts (Frome) Open.