Catherine Pitchford

Catherine studied at the University of Wales for a degree in Art Education, followed by a PGCE in Art and Design at the University of Birmingham and has been an Art Teacher for over 20 years.

Her more recent artistic work has been inspired by the world around her especially nature, the Dorset landscape and Jurassic coastline. Using sketchbooks with a range of mark-making materials: pencils, watercolours, sand, sticks and mixed media.  From these sketches she works and re-works her ideas to shape the final composition for a print. These experiences form the pieces produced back in the studio. The lino prints are designed and re-worked, carved, then the surfaces scratched through to create unusual textures and patterns on the lino block. Experiments with different techniques such as screen printing, dry point, solar etching and collagraph prints can lead to unusual effects on the surface adding atmosphere and ethereal qualities. Prints can adapt and change over a period of time, where only some of the original colours are maintained when other colour overlays are added. The colour compositions create drama, movement, playfulness revealing layers of other colours and patterns.


Catherine has exhibited in many group shows, Poole Printmakers, North Dorset Art Group, Group 5 and is a regular at Dorset Arts Week.