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Rien Doorn

Rien Doorn is a UK based Dutch artist. He started drawing at that age of 12 without any schooling. He is influenced by Salvador Dali and M. C. Escher.

He drew until 1992 and then stopped drawing completely. In 2011 he found new inspiration and started drawing again. Still not having done any training he found his own style again and continued where he had left 20 years before.

Rien works exclusively with pen and ink. His work is best described as surrealistic. He is of the opinion that the meaning of his work is given by the observer. This is why he doesn't publish the names he has chosen for his drawings but he invites the public to give them their own names.

Leopard Wall

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The general opinion about his work is that, once you start looking, you cannot stop for a while because there is so much to discover. Itís extremely detailed and intricate.

His work can be viewed on his Facebook page

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